Monday, January 7, 2013

Conscious Love. . .

I know I love you

And that makes me proud

This is my right granted by heaven

That I may hold you for as long as I like

You, nurture my soul

Open my heart

I, your mom accept you

As you are

As you always will be

Consciously, I love you

God created you 


Poetry Contest For Moms!

As a mom, I naturally think of poems just from looking at my son. There is so much love and happiness that words come naturally.

Does that ever happen to you while seeing your children? Your heart feels with so much. I am looking for sponsors and judges for an upcoming contest that I plan to hold this year. Sponsors are need for gifts and awards giving to the winners.

The prizes I am looking to give away should just be for the mom. 


*Gift Cards for shopping

*Money into Paypal


*Gift Basket


That is just some ideas, thinking of more and hope to get prizes

Weather you are single, married, divorce I want to hear from you. Share the poems with the world. Novice are welcome. Like me, I am a novice. Still learning the rules of writing and poetry.  Get writing.

 Any help would be appreaciated!

Increase Your Vocabulary & Your Writing Quality

Check out this great website which is one of many! This is just a sample of a wonderful list that can be used for you to start studying. You want to memorize this and start small with just 10 words a day. That is 300 extra words a month, and it is a start! If your learning English try this list and print it out!

 abdicate v. To give up (royal power or the like).
abdomen n. In mammals, the visceral cavity between the diaphragm and the pelvic floor; the belly.
abdominal n. Of, pertaining to, or situated on the abdomen.
abduction n. A carrying away of a person against his will, or illegally.
abed adv. In bed; on a bed.
aberration n. Deviation from a right, customary, or prescribed course.
abet v. To aid, promote, or encourage the commission of (an offense).
abeyance n. A state of suspension or temporary inaction.
abhorrence n. The act of detesting extremely.
abhorrent adj. Very repugnant; hateful.
abidance n. An abiding.
abject adj. Sunk to a low condition.
abjure v. To recant, renounce, repudiate under oath.
able-bodied adj. Competent for physical service.
ablution n. A washing or cleansing, especially of the body.
abnegate v. To renounce (a right or privilege).
abnormal adj. Not conformed to the ordinary rule or standard.
abominable adj. Very hateful.
abominate v. To hate violently.
abomination n. A very detestable act or practice.
aboriginal adj. Primitive; unsophisticated.
aborigines n. The original of earliest known inhabitants of a country.
aboveboard adv. & adj. Without concealment, fraud, or trickery.
abrade v. To wear away the surface or some part of by friction.
abrasion n. That which is rubbed off.
abridge v. To make shorter in words, keeping the essential features, leaning out minor particles.
abridgment n. A condensed form as of a book or play.
abrogate v. To abolish, repeal.
abrupt adj. Beginning, ending, or changing suddenly or with a break.
abscess n. A Collection of pus in a cavity formed within some tissue of the body.
abscission n. The act of cutting off, as in a surgical operation.
abscond v. To depart suddenly and secretly, as for the purpose of escaping arrest.
absence n. The fact of not being present or available.
absent-minded adj. Lacking in attention to immediate surroundings or business.
absolution n. Forgiveness, or passing over of offenses.
absolve v. To free from sin or its penalties.
absorb v. To drink in or suck up, as a sponge absorbs water.
absorption n. The act or process of absorbing.
abstain v. To keep oneself back (from doing or using something).
abstemious adj. Characterized by self denial or abstinence, as in the use of drink, food.
abstinence n. Self denial.
abstruse adj. Dealing with matters difficult to be understood.
absurd adj. Inconsistent with reason or common sense.
abundant adj. Plentiful.
abusive adj. Employing harsh words or ill treatment.
abut v. To touch at the end or boundary line.
abyss n. Bottomless gulf.
academic adj. Of or pertaining to an academy, college, or university.
academician n. A member of an academy of literature, art, or science.
academy n. Any institution where the higher branches of learning are taught.
accede v. To agree.
accelerate v. To move faster.
accept v. To take when offered.
access n. A way of approach or entrance; passage.
accessible adj. Approachable.
accession n. Induction or elevation, as to dignity, office, or government.
accessory n. A person or thing that aids the principal agent.
acclaim v. To utter with a shout.
accommodate v. To furnish something as a kindness or favor.
accompaniment n. A subordinate part or parts, enriching or supporting the leading part.
accompanist n. One who or that which accompanies.
accompany v. To go with, or be associated with, as a companion.
accomplice n. An associate in wrong-doing.
accomplish v. To bring to pass.
accordion n. A portable free-reed musical instrument.
accost v. To speak to.
account n. A record or statement of receipts and expenditures, or of business transactions.
accouter v. To dress.
accredit v. To give credit or authority to.
accumulate v. To become greater in quantity or number.
accuracy n. Exactness.
accurate adj. Conforming exactly to truth or to a standard.
accursed adj. Doomed to evil, misery, or misfortune.
accusation n. A charge of crime, misdemeanor, or error.
accusatory adj. Of, pertaining to, or involving an accusation.
accuse v. To charge with wrong doing, misconduct, or error.
accustom v. To make familiar by use.
acerbity n. Sourness, with bitterness and astringency.
acetate n. A salt of acetic acid.
acetic adj. Of, pertaining to, or of the nature of vinegar.
ache v. To be in pain or distress.
Achillean adj. Invulnerable.
achromatic adj. Colorless,
acid n. A sour substance.
acidify v. To change into acid.
acknowledge v. To recognize; to admit the genuineness or validity of.
acknowledgment n. Recognition.
acme n. The highest point, or summit.
acoustic adj. Pertaining to the act or sense of hearing.
acquaint v. To make familiar or conversant.
acquiesce v. To comply; submit.
acquiescence n. Passive consent.
acquire v. To get as one's own.
acquisition n. Anything gained, or made one's own, usually by effort or labor.
acquit v. To free or clear, as from accusation.
acquittal n. A discharge from accusation by judicial action.
acquittance n. Release or discharge from indebtedness, obligation, or responsibility.
acreage n. Quantity or extent of land, especially of cultivated land.
acrid adj. Harshly pungent or bitter.
acrimonious adj. Full of bitterness.
acrimony n. Sharpness or bitterness of speech or temper.
actionable adj. Affording cause for instituting an action, as trespass, slanderous words.
actuality n. Any reality.
actuary n. An officer, as of an insurance company, who calculates and states the risks and premiums.
actuate v. To move or incite to action.
acumen n. Quickness of intellectual insight, or discernment; keenness of discrimination.
acute adj. Having fine and penetrating discernment.
adamant n. Any substance of exceeding hardness or impenetrability.
addendum n. Something added, or to be added.
addle v. To make inefficient or worthless; muddle.
adduce v. To bring forward or name for consideration.
adhere v. To stick fast or together.
adherence n. Attachment.
adherent adj. Clinging or sticking fast.
adhesion n. The state of being attached or joined.
adieu inter. Good-by; farewell.
adjacency n. The state of being adjacent.
adjacent n. That which is near or bordering upon.
adjudge v. To award or bestow by formal decision.
adjunct n. Something joined to or connected with another thing, but holding a subordinate place.
adjuration n. A vehement appeal.
adjutant adj. Auxiliary.
administrator n. One who manages affairs of any kind.
admissible adj. Having the right or privilege of entry.
admittance n. Entrance, or the right or permission to enter.
admonish v. To warn of a fault.
admonition n. Gentle reproof.
ado n. unnecessary activity or ceremony.
adoration n. Profound devotion.
adroit adj. Having skill in the use of the bodily or mental powers.
adulterant n. An adulterating substance.
adulterate v. To make impure by the admixture of other or baser ingredients.
adumbrate v. To represent beforehand in outline or by emblem.
advent n. The coming or arrival, as of any important change, event, state, or personage.
adverse adj. Opposing or opposed.
adversity n. Misfortune.
advert v. To refer incidentally.
advertiser n. One who advertises, especially in newspapers.
advisory adj. Not mandatory.
advocacy n. The act of pleading a cause.
advocate n. One who pleads the cause of another, as in a legal or ecclesiastical court.
aerial adj. Of, pertaining to, or like the air.
aeronaut n. One who navigates the air, a balloonist.
aeronautics n. the art or practice of flying aircraft
aerostat n. A balloon or other apparatus floating in or sustained by the air.
aerostatics n. The branch of pneumatics that treats of the equilibrium, pressure, and mechanical properties.
affable adj. Easy to approach.
affect v. To act upon
affectation n. A studied or ostentatious pretense or attempt.
affiliate n. Some auxiliary person or thing.
affirmative adj. Answering yes; to a question at issue.
affix v. To fasten.
affluence n. A profuse or abundant supply of riches.
affront n. An open insult or indignity.
afire adv. & adj. On fire, literally or figuratively.
afoot adv. In progress.
aforesaid adj. Said in a preceding part or before.
afresh adv. Once more, after rest or interval.

Free Vocabulary List Here

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Muslim Women Writers! Get Published!

Great opportunity! I am not sure if it is for just muslim, but go for it! Write your short story today! Maybe it will be publish. Go and Get your short stories published. 
Two pieces maximum

Email Uum Juwayriyah Here 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Something Called Life

He grasped her wrist tightly almost seeming to want to break it. Nadia eyes were fixed on his face and the expression of angry running through his body.
Strong emotions could be seen even with closed eyes. Madness, that he is confusing with the delusion of true love. Control with a taste of pure hate. She planned to stand her ground. The moment felt long.

“I am leaving” she said. “I am walking out the door. I've made up my mind. And nothing is going to change that”.

“How far do you think you'll get huh?” He replied staring into her eyes. These eye falsely displayed compassion and remorse. Now, these eyes overflowed with certainty and arrogance.

“Far enough and like I said nothing is going to stop me. Please move and just let me go now” she replied.

“You can't get far if you're in the hospital” taking hold of her wrist and he swung her into the nearest wall.

Her body flung and the sound of her shoulder bone cracked louder than her body hitting the wall. She let out a loud scream of pain and not for help. This was a moment like so many others when choices became a decision of survival. She quickly fell to the floor. The wrist of her right hand was still in his firm grip as he rushed to kick her under the arm.

As his foot drew back she quickly and violently shouted “I AM SORRY”, with eyes full of tears.

He pulled her off the floor and directly into his face and eyes “How far do you think you will get huh?” almost speaking in a whisper. “I am not going anywhere. Am not going. . .” she cried. He walked away fearless.

She thought about biting him or kneeing him in the groin, but she did nothing. Again, Nadia found herself on the floor of cheap vinyl. At this moment her heart vibrated pure pain.
Nadia realized it was not love that kept her silent, broken, and lost, but fear. The fear of her own death scared her. "I want to know what it is like to LIVE", she said in her thoughts. There was not one moment in her life she could remember feeling alive. Poverty and violence in childhood, continued for twenty-seven years.

Yet, somewhere in the middle of her chest she felt light. This light began to grow as she closed her eyes and focused. It was familiar, something she felt all her life even as a young girl. Hope to fulfill her dream to be alive.

She remembered a moment from childhood, one that was positive. When she was a child her mother would take her to park to swing at night. Nadia would swing as high as she could and stare at the stars. Staring at a beautiful dark midnight blue sky where she felt free and full of bliss.
Nadia realized she could not live this dream unless she was free from her nightmare. Unless she promised herself she would never create this vision of despair again in her life.

With her eyes still closed she felt absolute confident as she spoke these words aloud, "Dear God, I am ready".

Birds began to chirp outside the window. This was a harmonious massage from God. Everything that was once unclear became clear. Time had passed in the night as quickly as she sat on the floor.
There was nothing in this relationship or home worth holding on to or even packing a suitcase.
Nadia knew his patterns and behaviors. During the time when he slept the most peacefully, right before the sun rose, she prepared to leave. As she walked into her bedroom she grabbed hold of an old Chanel perfume bottle her mother used to keep. She rubbed it between her fingers almost as if to make a wish with a magic the lamp.

Her heart became warm with happiness; she smiled and felt beautiful. Even thought she was in physical pain she could only feel joy. She repeated in her mind and heart these words over and over "God, I am ready". With the light in her heart to guide her, she left to find freedom and something called life.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Amanda Todd Another Victim Of Bullying

 Amanda Todd was a young 15 year girl, who recently took her own life because of bullying.  She was misused by more than one man, and hurt. She was bullied online and in school. Her family did the best and moved several times to help her start her life again.  Several times she hurt herself and she  just wanted someone to love her.  I love you Amanda and I am very sorry that no one was there to stand up for or give you the confident you needed to keep going in this world. 

(These photos do not belong to me)

I desperately want to hug her and let her know she is safe, but it is too late. Some many of us are in pain and suffering. This beautiful young girl, this child is gone forever from life. I pray with all my heart the God blesses her. Her story is one of pain, and she did not deserve to be hurt this way. No one does. This bullying maybe the next media news, but it is real life issue. I have experienced bullying and still have to heal many hurts. My heart and prayers go to her loving family.

This has got to end. It must end forever. Let this be the last bullied child or person that takes their own precious life.  Love heals, love heals please stop hurting other whoever you are.

I am sorry Amanda, So very sorry.


Sight, Touch, Smell, Hearing, Taste

Standing in a small room a person believes they are alone.

Every light is on in this room because they are afraid of the dark

But they will not say it aloud. Abaddon knows fear. He knows this person.

This person is you.

Smell of anxiety feels his mouth. Uncomfortable, you know you're not alone. Lights are your comfort.

But what if there are no lights?

 In the dark you are now.

What to do?

Unplanned and dreadful you run to the window to let in light.

Only to find that light no longer exist . . .